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Gel Polish

Getting your nails manicured and painted is one of the easiest ways to change up your look. The sheer pleasure of a freshly-painted manicure with some stunning custom nail art designs, there are so many reasons to treat yourself. Switch things up with nail colors and bling that really pops. 

Nail Extensions

When your own nails are letting you down and you love the look of long glamorous nails that make you feel fabulous. Nail extensions are your best friend.  We have a range for you to choose from. When you just can not stop looking at your nails from the time you leave the boutique you know this was meant to be.  

Spa Manicure &Pedicure

A relaxing experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and like you are walking on a cloud. Hands & Feet are so important and often not cared for as much as we should. Your hands & feet are tired, dry, cracking and generally having some issues. It’s time to sign up for a regular spa treatment and really feel the difference. 

Nail Repair

What happens when you get that one nail that you tear, or have weak nails, want to grow them longer, want to stop biting your nails or some other nail issue? Come and see your qualified nail technician for nail treatments or repairs, so you can get the nails you deserve.

Nail Art

More than anything else nail art takes your nails to the next level of fabulous. Custom Designs that really reflect your personality. You always notice someone trying to get a closer look at your nails and the eye catching designs that have got their attention.

Nail Advice & Aftercare

As a qualified nail technician we can give you the advice you need to help make sure your nails are in the best condition they can be. We answer those questions for you about what treatments are available? Or how do I fix this issue?

Facial radiance logo, natural face lift

A gentle massage technique for the face and head working with meridian lines of the body to release stress and bring the whole being into balance.

Facial muscles released of stress become toned, assisting skin texture to improve and age lines to soften.

Increased blood circulation and lymphatic flow of the head and face can also assist with clarity, clearing sinuses and overall relaxation resulting in:

A More Radiant You!

woman getting facial massage

Trained practitioner Serena McNaughten


Getting your nails done should always be a pleasurable experience, not a painful one, where you relax and let the stresses of the day melt away.

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Trained to the level of educator we are more than qualified to provide you the advice you need

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A high priority for us, the high standards we maintain in the boutique with our tools and our area

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You will feel pampered in our custom designed boutique leaving you feeling energised, refreshed and relaxed 

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The driving force behind Dinky Digits amazing success is, an unquenchable passion for everything nails and the seeking of perfection, that has encouraged me to never stop learning.  

Nail art training


When your own passion is so strong, there is nothing more satisfying than sharing it with others. Providing internationally recognised training to raise the professional standards 



You must be 16 for Nail Extensions.

A parent should be present for under 18 year olds.

Mobile phones should be turn off during your treatment time.

If you are 15mins or more late, we can offer you a shortened service or we will gladly re-schedule you.

A STRICT POLICY – NO SHOWS will not be rebooked.


Vouchers are valid for 12 months.

24 hour notice for Cancellation as a courtesy to all

48 hours at Christmas Please

Payment is by internet banking or cash payments

We recommend that to get the very best out of your relaxed service, that where possible children should not be brought to you appointment – thank you

% Happy
Late nights

Spa Services

One of the most relaxing treatments available in the Pedicure or Manicure services. 

Practical as well as relaxing, your nails and cuticles are cleaned up, dry skin removed and cracked skin moisturised.

Your hands and feet will thank you for this treatment. 

spa towel setup


Facial Massage

30 minute facial massage $75

60 minute face, scalp massage & collagen foot treatment $120

75 minutes face, scalp massage & collagen hand & foot treatment $150

Our extensive range of Nail art can be applied to any of the services below. 

This includes Hand Detailed & Custom Art, One Stroke, Chrome, Glitters, Foils, Line work, Ombre, Stamping, Wraps, Crystals, etc. Starting from $5 per nail 

Gelpolish Manicure from $45
*Gelpolish lasts up to 2-3 weeks & requires removal. Add a strength layer $5.

Gelpolish multicolour $50
*mixing colours can be so much fun and looks great too.

Gel Polish French
*Pink & white or Glamour

Spa gelpolish Mani $70
*Sugar scrub, mask, Gelpolish manicure & massage.

Handpainted Art from (per-nail) $5

IBX Treatment Manicure $35  *includes cuticle tidy, buff, shape and 3 layers of IBX treatment.

Gelpolish Removal
eFile $10
Soak off $15


 Prescription Extensions $70
*a full cover nail that is fitted over your natural nail, lasts up to 2-3 weeks & includes a standard Gelpolish colour. does not require backfilling. Great for nail biters to start growing their nails too.

Nail Removal $25

Gelpolish Add on $20

Nail Repair natural per nail $8

Nail repair gel or prescription per nail $10

Gelpolish pedicure from $45
*Gelpolish lasts up to 7-8 weeks & requires removal.

Gelpolish Multicolours Pedi $50
*mixing colours can be so much fun and looks great too.

Gelpolish French Pedi $55
*mixing colours can be so much fun and looks great too.

Spa Pedi no polish $50
*sugar scrub, mask, cuticle tidy, buff, shape & massage.

Ecospa Pedicure Deluxe with gelpolish $75
*sugar scrub, mask, cuticle tidy, buff, shape, gelpolish & massage.

Japanese Manicure $35
Vitamin A & B, Pro vitamin B5, Silica from the sea of Japan & Bee Pollen.
Effect of Japanese manicure:

  • increases circulation
  • encourages growth &  flexibility
  • strong nutrition
  • immediate & lasting shine

Natural Nail Strengthening System $5 per Layer

IBX Protective Nail Shield $5 per layer

Nail Tear Repair $8 per nail

Natural Nail Repair $8 per nail

Gel or Prescription nail repair $10 per nail

Please refer to the terms and conditions for additional information regarding prices and bookings