Nail Art

Nail Art

Your Nail Art is  limited only by your imagination. Nail Art makes a simple manicure transform your nails into an amazing work of art with wow factor.

If you have something specific, an event or see some nails that you like online, simply send in your photos a few days before your appointment time and we will do our best to create your custom design look.  Have a look at our gallery for some inspiration.

We have a range of traditional nail art to choose from like foils, glitters, Matte finish, nail wraps, chromes, Swarovski Crystals & stamping but also offer more customized hand-painted art designs like stripes, floral, geometric, polka dots, marble, ombré, onestroke, 3d and so much more

Wedding Nail Art deserves special attention to detail for the bride, bridesmaids and brides mother. Why not add in a pedicure to the day so you can relax and unwind.

Your Nail Art can be based on almost anything such as your favorite colours, sport, music, animal, flowers and seasonal themes such as Christmas, Valentines and Halloween etc.

There are many styles of Nail Art and they can be applied to almost any size nail. A lot of people believe that if you have short nails you can not have nail art, but you can. So why not give nail art  a try and be admired by all.

Priced from $5 per nail

Christmas nails
Disney theme nails
Lovely flowers
vine nails