Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure

Spa Treatments

Our very popular Eco Spa Manicure & Pedicure will allow you to  relax while we “treat your  Hands & Feet”. We offer a range of nourishing manicure & pedicure spa treatments that make your hands & feet look and feel amazing. 

Summer & Winter can take its toll on your hands & feet, suffering from dryness, cracking & peeling.

Eco Spa Manicure & our popular Eco Spa Pedicure starts with:

Cuticle tidy, Buff, Shape, followed by an Exfoliating Sugar Scrub and Nourishing Mask.

We then move on to a Relaxing Massage, Hot towels. 

Finishing up with a Standard Gel Polish.

Callus removal is available if required 

Spa Pedi


Gelpolish pedicure from $45
*Gelpolish lasts up to 7-8 weeks & requires removal.

Gelpolish French/ Multicolours Pedi $50
*pink& white look or using multiple colours & requires removal.

Spa Pedi without gelpolish $45
*sugar scrub, mask, cuticle tidy, buff, shape & massage.

Ecospa Pedicure with gelpolish $70
*sugar scrub, mask, cuticle tidy, buff, shape, gelpolish & massage.

What is a manicure and Pedicure?


They are basically general maintenance  for your hands and feet.

Nail maintenance is absolutely important. Regular moisturising with cuticle oil & filing to reduce excess length allows the nails to remain healthy and helps prevent breakage.

Natural Manicure $25
Includes cuticle tidy, buff & shape.

Natural Pedicure $30
Includes cuticle tidy, buff & shape.

Home Care between vists

I recommend cuticle oil twice daily. Dab a little just on to the cuticle area & rub into the cuticle. Nails need to keep moisturised & nourished just like your hair & skin does and it helps to prevent your nails from becoming brittle, product lifting & hangnails. 

Red rose nails

Cuticle oil can be purchased here at Dinky DigitsNails Boutique. A good nail brush to keep your nails clean and free from dirt. Keep those germs Jim’s out from under the rim of your nails.