Gel Polish

Gel Polish Manicures

What is Gel Polish?

Gel polish is full coverage long lasting polish. 

There is no drying time needed like normal nail polish, as it cures in an led or UV lamp and you’re ready to go.

Gel polish is a quick & easy application polish that self levels leaving a smooth & perfect finish. Loads of colours to choose from. Ideal for natural nails & nail enhancements.

Why Not Live Your Life In Colour

Silver french nails

How long does Gel Polish last?

Gel polish Lasts between 2-3 weeks before a soak off is required.

Gel Polish nails last longer when you care for them properly. Have a look at Nail Aftercare.

Gel Polish

Standard Gel polish Manicure $40
Includes cuticle tidy, buff, shape & gel polish application.

French Gel Polish Manicure $45

Multi Colour Gel Polish Manicure $45

Spa Gel Manicure $70

Gel Polish Pedicure $45

Gel Polish removal $25

Gel Polish removal with new set $10

Moisture treatment gloves $8 a pair